Times Undone

by Carnac

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"Times Undone" is the first full length effort of the Turkish death metal band Carnac. Two years after the release of their first EP "The Frail Sight", the band seek a darker sound and draw more influences from melodic black metal.


released May 26, 2017

Produced by Carnac
Mixed and mastered by Achilleas Kalantzis



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Carnac Ankara, Turkey

Carnac is a death metal band from Ankara, Turkey. The band was formed in 2014 and just released their first full length album "Times Undone".

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Track Name: Cessation
I am obsolete
Bury every piece of morality
Abuse my entropy
Spare me no pity

I took myself for granted
Never saw how much of a wreck I could become
Now I must pay the price
Of times undone

I am but a flame
Chasing its own trail
Abound with negligence
Battered to terminal retribution

All this time I saw
My flawless reflection
All it bestowed upon me
Was a glance into my eradication

Times undone
Apathy caught up
My skin is a fraud
Rightfully torn apart
Times undone
No frame to hide out
Had enough of this lust
Wrench me to the point of naught

Burn the wound
No needle will do
I had it coming
Erase my view

Now I must pay the price
Of times undone
Track Name: Draw the First Breath
Out of nowhere
This bliss came along
Touched the prosperous
And flattered their pride
Whether a notion
Or intentional fallacy
It brought to all
A treacherous destiny

In this ground of withering it lies
Uttered by malice and fiery eyes
This is where your yearning comes to life
With vacant fates, yet endless heights

Believe your withered eyes
Unbend your will
Someone or something
Caused this encounter
Between earthly
And abstract luxury
No ounce of ruth
And plenty of vanity

Favor the power
Cherish this gift
Shape the existence
Draw the first breath
All the endeavors
Hang on your wishes
Meet your desire
Draw the first breath

No man would bleed
Without a conscious
No thoughts would be
Perceived as torches

Most sudden of throes
Yield your vision
One more decision
Until eventual loss
Track Name: Vardøger
Usurpers of life
Walk past these gardens
They look for sins
To mold into pleasures

Usurpers of life
Take our hands by storm
They lead us into their
Shrines of fornication

Innocence, decadence
They beckon from afar
Neurotic, ecstatic
They come to seize our dreams

These worried skies have become a pattern
This ground lies disrupted and rotten

I will be your prophet
Spread your eyes open and
Feast on your burden
Until we are bounded
I will cleanse you from inside
It's a blessing in disguise

Whatever you may hold onto
wherever you may want to dwell
We will tarnish them along with your nights

No matter what branch you reach
No matter which soil you stand on
Your tender spirit is now our domain

They beckon from afar
They come to seize our dreams
Track Name: Parousia
Weeping of stones
Gnashing of teeth

You live your yearning
I'll live the obscene

Bring me prudence
Bring me deceit

Bring me the path
Of envisioned derelicts
Slowly stomping on me
Relics of ache, gashed with rain

Weeping of stones and the gnashing of teeth
Bring me prudence, bring me deceit
Weeping of Stones and the gnashing of teeth
You live your yearning, I'll live the obscene

My riveting fire has now come to an end
Forgotten mountains turned into sand
But under the weight of black
Even the serpents ascend

If stars fell down from the sky
No one would bat an eye
It would take a rain of dead birds
To wake the pandemonium
Track Name: Into the Wake
This sight of innocence
Summons the infancy
Vertebrated ashes
Leave trails of dust and dreams

By negation
You will reach the summit
Of aplenty distress

Build yourself a communion
Of approaching deaths
Torment each thought passing through your exposed mind

Pave the way for the lunacy of the ages
Feel its wind on your shrouded neck
Pave the way for the lunacy of the ages
No sleep will cure, no substance will savour

This sight of innocence
Summons the infancy
Vertebrated ashes
Leave trails of dust and dreams

As your worries drain, it climbs
Nourishes your self-told lies
Seeks you even when you stand still
Hears your sweat slip away

In silent, dying waters
My faint flesh, warmly shivers
At this hour of devour
No flesh of mine will be torn

This urge for withering
Drowned, in cold shores of deliverance
Now this wake fills my dormant eyes
I will always be shackled by light
Track Name: Mountains of Red
Absence makes heart grow fonder, I was told
As the pines burned asunder
Witnessing the growing warmth
The host of baneful vapor

Dreaming of warm seas, of calmest shores
Yet under daggers with the thinnest of hopes
Laid on the altar as the blade descends
Should not take long to pierce such small hands

As the clouds watch me die
Rain fills my shallow eye
Where I am going now
I will get back this blood

Wounded stars above
Burning stones below
My horizon is now gone
Wounded stars above
Burning stones below
Just take me now
Where all devoted children go

Torches will surround me
Embers will pierce my lungs
Ashes will swathe me
My guts will paint this mountain

Absence makes heart grow fonder
Track Name: The Vital Spark
Let us sail far
Far from this mayhem
All we lived through
Will be washed away

Let us sail far
Far from this mayhem
Nothing will join us
No one else

Conflated with the sea
Save me my infancy

From the famine of morality
To a wealth of tranquillity
Shades of imminent grace
Will aid our totality

Let these waves be
Our sole concern
Let these gulls be
Our sole companions

No liturgy
No penance
Our only guides
Are the oceans

No cries
No clamor
My father
Is my only savior

Desolation is a virtue
On these waters of none
Save us our regrets
Drench us in the light of the sun
Track Name: The Lantern
Track Name: Fire
Faith is fire
Spread over desire
These promises
All loose, all dire
Bear witness no longer
To a life worded in coal

You can see the yearnings
Hiding in your body
You can hear the notions of purity
What you came to see
What you lived to be
Is scratching your chest
With veiled honesty

Your eyes will curse mine
Look into coffins of time
The past will be blind
And daughters of dawn will shine

I am a mere kindling in a land of coals
Cannot be saved by even the biggest of shores
I will not hide in this hollow pit
Hands of purgation, rid me of this deceit

The time has come
The warmth must be eager
Now only I remain
I will let me be

I will burn
Within my comfort
Plant the seeds
For my rest

I will burn